10 Tips for Avoiding Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

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Remodeling projects tend to be delicate undertakings as they involve overwriting a home’s original design to fit new designs, finishings, and decorations. Bathroom remodels may even involve:

  • A total overhaul of the room’s layout
  • Polishing woodwork
  • Repairing broken items or plumbing fixtures
  • Replacing entire areas and sections of the room

During remodeling, use these tips below to avoid some regrettable mistakes that can come back to haunt you.

Check and repair the ventilation.

This is one of the most overlooked features in the bathroom during remodeling. Bathroom fans help with proper ventilation, thus regulating the humidity levels within the bathroom. If unchecked, the bathroom becomes overly moist, becoming the perfect place for mildew and mold to grow. Increased moisture could also cause the paint to warp and metal components to rust.

Even with a pre-existing fan, it is advisable to get a new one during the remodeling project. In the process, make sure you clean the air vents to get rid of the accumulated dirt and debris.

Formulate a plan.

Most people start the remodeling job without going over the specific needs of the bathroom. They end up learning that when the project is lengthy and needs adjustments down the line, it’ll cost them extra to revisit the forgotten issues.

Take time and go over the individual needs of every aspect of the bathroom, noting everything in detail. Take into account all the measurements for the fittings, the projected cost, the materials needed for the job, and lastly, factor in your personal preferences. It is wise to consult other members of the household when designing the plan for the bathroom.

Focus on layout and spacing.

When remodeling, people tend to concentrate their attention on the overall beauty rather than the bathroom's general functionality. It is recommended to decorate the bathroom after mapping out the bathroom layout and spacing.

If your project involves expanding the walls and changing the plumbing system, you need to ensure the layout you choose works well within the building codes for spacing guidelines. The new accessories and fixtures should also allow enough space for movement for more comfort. For this, you may need the help of a professional.

Carefully go over the materials needed.

Previously you may have written a list of materials needed for the remodeling project. However, sometimes people accidentally choose the wrong materials for the project. Bathrooms are prone to damage from over-exposure to moisture and frequent temperature changes—research the materials specifically designed to be used in bathrooms when writing your list of materials. Make sure your expenditure does not go to waste by getting the right materials that will be able to serve you for a long time.

Work within your budget.

During remodeling projects you may be tempted to dig deeper into your pockets to add a few things to the design on more than one occasion. Budget yourself before even starting the project and exercise personal discipline with your finances. Overspending on other aspects of the bathroom can cause you to cut a few shortcuts in the project, which may cost you in the future.

Keep at least one bathtub in your home.

During the project, you may decide to remove a bathroom from your home to create more space. However, this can affect the resale value of the house. Some people may even choose to add an extra bath in other bathrooms. You should know that this does not affect the general value of the home. When remodeling, you can change the bath if it was present or add if it was not there.

Don’t dabble in DIY waterproofing.

Many people want to take on every aspect of a remodel project by doing it themselves because they think it will save them money. However, bathroom leaks are a significant concern for every bathroom project and can result in expensive plumbing and restoration costs.

To avoid those expenditures down the road, seek a certified professional's services to get the waterproofing right. The professional can then issue you with a waterproofing certification that will come in handy during the home's resale.

Get the right lighting system.

You need the proper lighting for different activities in your bathroom. Shaving, applying make-up, and hairstyling all require sufficient lighting. It is a common mistake for people to go for the dated Hollywood style make-up lights that do not support other bathroom functions.

Avoid ultra-trendy fixtures and fittings.

When remodeling, people tend to go for the trendiest fittings to match the latest bathroom standards. However, trends change in a very short time span. It is advisable to stick to the more classic and elegant finishes that can withstand the test of time

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